Formation en ligne, avec Jenny Mackewn

A virtual training in Holding Ceremony and Deep processes such as the Work that Reconnects and systemic Coaching and Mapping

End April and early May

Depuis plusieurs dizaines d'année, Jenny accompagne des activistes et des dirigeants vers de nouvelles formes de leadership, à même de faire face à un monde instable, complexe et écologiquement stressé. Jenny a développé plusieurs approches systémiques, à même d'identifier les problèmes personnels et relationnels, dans les situations de travail et dans la communauté au sens large, intégrant aussi notre environnement naturel. Elle mobilise son énergie pour la libération des énergies positives et des flux créatifs au service de la planète, aussi bien à travers des missions pour les entreprises, le secteur public et l'éducation. Ses approches sont pratiques, concrètes et accessibles à tous : elle met en mouvement toutes nos formes d'intelligences, intellectuelles, émtionnelles et physiques. Elle est notamment formatrice de "The Work that Reconnects" et de constellations systémiques.

Elle nous invite à rejoindre sa prochaine formation en ligne, en anglais, intégrant Coaching, Mapping, Holding Ceremony, Work that reconnects, Social Presencing Theatre and Constellations... Tous les détails ci-dessous. Des réductions sont ouvertes en lui écrivant que vous venez de la part d'Olivier et des amis du Schumacher College en France :)

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A training in systemic Coaching and Mapping, Holding Ceremony and deep processes such as Work that reconnects, Social Presencing Theatre and Constellations

- which could be attractive and relevant to many of your participants because:

  • this  training makes a wonderful extension to and development from the experiences already offered in the context of the Alliance avec la nature;     
  • generous discounts are currently available; 
  • The hours of the training are divided between  weekends and weekdays - making it compatible for people who are currently working 
  • the training leads to optional accreditation for those participants who want accreditation

The new online Module 1 programme is experiential, interactive, creative, vital. It actively uses the 4 Ways of Knowing and is therefore embodied and energised.
I am attaching a brochure giving full details and testimonials about an online version of Module 1 of our Focussed programme. It will be led by myself, two apprentice trainers and a gifted technical facilitator.
I have been prototyping putting the Focused Training Programme online over the last year, so I know it works well and is much appreciated by participants.

As a recent participant, Rebecca Cain, Director of Developing Success, said:
“I never would have believed how entrancing and powerful online training could be”.
This invitation clarifies fresh aspects of the invitation
firstly that generous discounts, work exchange, payment by instalments are now available
secondly that an introduction to the practice of Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects is interwoven into this training and so it builds on the experience of the 2020 alliance aves la nature
thirdly that an introduction to theory U and Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) is also interwoven into this training
i know that many of you want to develop your skills in Nature-connected Facilitation, the Work that Reconnects and/or SPT and theory U - so I thought that these aspects of the training could be especially appealing to you
Practical Details
Module 1 involves 25 hours of experiential exploration and training plus some optional additional practice. The hours are usually arranged as 5 hours per day over 5 days.
Proposed Dates:
Introductory Session:
On 25th April - for the main group - or other date to be arranged as needed for individuals or small groups of later applicants who may not be able to make 25 April
Main Training:
Friday 7th May
Saturday 8th May
Sunday 9th May
Further Day of Practice:
To be arranged when we are all together for the main training
We will be working with participants in the UK. Europe and USA and we will do our best to make arrangements that suit people across both time zones. So we are proposing that the times on training days are:
Either: 11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (with substantial break)
Or 11.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. (with substantial break)
Or: 12.00 – 6.00 p.m. (with substantial break)

A Zoom link and some other details will be sent to you in advance

We have proposed a mixture of weekend and weekday dates - with a slight preference for weekend dates. We find that mainly weekend dates suit many people as they do not involve missing employed work or paid freelance work. But we are aware that weekend dates impact on family life, so we re willing to try and make some special arrangements for you if weekend dates are too inconvenient
Fees and Special discounts for the early 2021 Course :
Fees for module 1 are usually £440. But
Generous discounts
opportunities to pay by instalments and
opportunities for work exchange
are all available because the start dates are now close.
Next Steps
If you are interested in joining this programme or would like to find out more about it, please get in touch with Jenny Mackewn as soon as convenient. I would be delighted to speak to you in person so I can answer any questions you have to ensure you feel confident it is the right programme for you.
Please reply to me and my Assistant, Juliet Coles (, as she is gathering up the responses to this invitation and helping me take my next steps promptly! It would be very helpful if you can include your telephone number in your reply. Thank you.
And if the programme is not for you on this occasion, please consider passing the invitation to someone else.

Looking forward to meeting soon,

With my best wishes, love and appreciation,
Jenny Mackewn
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